About Us

Who We Are

For more than a century, theWomen’s Center for Advancement (WCA) has given women the power to change.We are the leader in Douglas County working with domestic violence and sexual assault victims and the critical needs resulting from violence.

WCA Mission, Vision & Values

What We Do

The WCA’s mission is to help women and their children out of their immediate crisis and assist them in making permanent changes in their lives, helping them stay safe and grow strong.


Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault come from all socioeconomic levels and areas within our community.  Low-income victims have increased barriers to safety, stability, and self-sufficiency.  More than 75 percent of the individuals who receive domestic violence services in Omaha live below the Federal Poverty Level.  These victims have few marketable job skills, lack transportation, and have little or no access to healthcare and childcare.


TheWCA has identifiedsignificantareas of need in regards to improving the lives of women and their children so they can be safe, strong, and economically stable.  This multi-faceted approach includes:

• Victim Safety Services                                      • UnderservedVictims

  • Economic Stability                                             • Community Safety


Why We Do It

Domestic violence and sexual assault does not discriminate based on age, income, race, gender or religion.  According to the National Crime Justice Reference Services, one in three women has experienced violence in their lifetimes.  In the Omaha community, domestic violence and sexual assault happens every day, as shown by more than 300 visits to hospitals and emergency rooms in 2014.


Women and their children who enter through theWCA’s door trust staffwith their deepest secrets and vulnerabilities.  TheWCA’s focus on domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking,and multi-generational poverty are not topics of casual conversations, but are vital services to our community.


In 2014, the WCA made contact with more than 16,000 clients.  We are working to strengthen our multi-faceted programs by increasing the capacity to serve our clients, providing quality, holistic care, thus improving the safety of the Omaha metropolitan community.


How You Can Make an Impact

With your help, our clients have the ability to self-correct the cycle they have been on, and improve their lives and hope.  It is the support of our donors that makes our work possible–from a monetary contribution to volunteering to donating basic needs products and clothing.


Please help women and their families in our community Stay Safe and Grow Strong.



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